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Special Needs Travel Mobile App

Abeon Travel are experts in arranging travel for families with special needs. Finding the right venues and accommodations when traveling with a special-needs child or family member can be daunting. The Abeon Travel app leverages the knowledge of their travel experts and a wide database of special needs-friendly travel vendors to help users create custom profiles, find accommodations to suit their specific needs, and book trips with confidence.

My Role:

  • Product Development

    I consulted with Abeon to help them develop a basic product framework—how could we create an app that would meet their customers’ specific needs and make searching for and booking travel as frictionless as possible? I quickly understood that the differentiator of their product would be found in the ability to create multiple custom profiles for each family members’ special needs. The app would then tailor its results based on these profiles.

    competitor analysis, personas, mvp feature set

  • Experience Design

    I centered my approach around the user’s need for finding travel search results tailored to their unique situation, leveraging Abeon’s expertise in travel providers that accommodate special needs. The app is designed to deliver a frictionless experience that makes the process of finding appropriate travel vendor quick and easy.

    experience maps, interaction design, wireframes

  • Interface Design

    With consideration of the coreaudience—busy familieswho need information quickly and clearly, I wanted the interface to be simple and easy-to-use. I gave the app a look and feel that emphasises info-snackingat first glance with bold typography and colors.

    UI designs and style guides, high-resolution mockups

  • Identity Design and Branding

    In addition to helping craft the design of Abeon Travel’s digital services, I was also asked to create a compelling, memorable identity for the company. Drawing inspiration from the company’s name and focus on travel, I utilizedthe familiarsymbol of map pinning as a monogram visual metaphor to convey”way-finding” from one point to another. The typeface is clean yet friendly, with wide, open letters and a playfulroundness.
    branding and identity design, logo design, deck and stationery design

screen shot
abeon identity