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Bloomberg Professional

Bloomberg Professional – Cross-Platform Mobile Financial Tools

Financial tech company Bloomberg Finance has been leadingthe industry since pioneering the revolutionary Bloomberg Terminal in the 1980s. Now, the data and financial tools that continue to make Bloomberg the industry standard are available across multiple mobile devices for financial professionals on the go. I worked with both the in-house design team and mobile design agency Mobients to develop new features and tools and continuously improve the experience for a wide range range of market-monitoring tools.

My Role:

  • User Testing and Feedback Analysis

    Utilizing Bloomberg’s great data collection and state-of-the-art testing facilities, we were able to constantly check in with users to understand what features and improvements they needed. The team used innovative techniques for developing new products and features across a wide range of user types.
    user interviews, live testing,usage data analysis

  • Experience Design

    I worked primarily on the market tools that monitored and delivered financial data to subscribersin real time. I was not only responsible for improving existing workflows and experience, but also tasked with developing new data visualization and customization tools for our mobile and tablet users. Usage data showedthenew featuretteswere immediatelyextremely popular and user feedback indicated a desire to see them propagated to other areas of the apps.
    experience maps, interaction design, wireframes

  • Pattern Librarian & Process Design

    Bloomberg Mobile Professional had been among the first fintech players in the mobile sphere. To keep up with the ever-shifting ecosystem of new devices, OSes, and user needs, it was essential that the teams revamp their approach to building out features. I was identified early on as an advocate for componentized design/dev practice and was put in charge of developing a framework of reusable design paradigms and components. I conducted a comprehensive design audit, built the foundation for a library of design patterns and components, and formed a team to oversee consistency and reliability of experience across all apps and platforms.

    Design audit, pattern library development, process design

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