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Fashion Flash Sale Responsive Site

Members-only flash sale company ideel asked me to consult with them to improve their first-time-visitor and membership sign-on experience. They wanted to cut back on visitor “bounce” and increase the rate of new member sign-ups for their site. I analyzed their collected data and made recommendations on how to reconfigure their signup and login experience. I was then asked to follow through with an improved interface design that would reflect their chicvibe.

My Role:

  • Design Audit and Analysis

    I reviewed the data compiled by ideel and discussed ways in which we could balance the needs of visitors to their site with their business goals. In reviewing the visitor patterns, I immediately identified some clear problem spots that were likely responsible for the high rate of”bounce” from first-time visitors. I presented them with a list of recommendations and they asked me to map out improvements to their site’s UX.
    competitor analysis, usage data analysis, design audit

  • Experience Design

    In order to improve the experience for first-time visitors to ideel’s site and encourage them to sign up as members, it was essential to overhaul each step of the process. I designed a landing experience that intrigued visitors with partial revealsof available products, while encouraging signups withprogressiveprompts to join. I also streamlined the member signup and on-boarding process to make becoming a member delightful and easy.
    experience maps, interaction design, wireframes

  • Interface Design

    When designing the best interface improvements for the signup process within a responsive web framework, I leveraged the brand’s existing fashion-forward reputation and deliver a light, yet glamourous UI that was complementary to the rest of the site. As many of the target audience would be accessing the site on mobile devices, the site had to be a breeze to use on the go.
    UI designs and style guides, high-resolution mockups, prototypes

  • Measured Success

    Initial results of the design overhaul translated to a 30% uptick in visitor-to-member conversion

screen shot
wireframe sample